About us

Who are we?

Partnering for Sustainable Closed Loop Solutions
Packaged Textiles partner with Local Authorities, UK Registered Charity Organisations and the biggest names in recycling management to define the standards in textile collections and reuse. All parties have a vested interest to ensure high quality original grade clothing, donated by the public is diverted from the waste stream, collected safely from Packaged Textiles own Clothing Banks and sold at a premium for reuse, to our long-term export partners.

Local Service Strategy
In line with our integrated approach to operations, Packaged Group Ltd has invested in regional textile/clothing handling depots to better serve Local Authorities and their Household Waste and Recycling Centres (HWRCs). Each site will receive, handle and prepare c6000 tonnes of original grade textile/clothing material for reuse.

Our local, experienced, manned crews will make daily collections from our own supplied Clothing Banks, located across each Region. Regular, low volume, local services, will reduce the risk of missed collections, overflowing banks and allow for efficient response within 24 hours to any unplanned event. Our localised model, minimises the impact on the environment, reduces disruption at site and ensures a low carbon operation.

Packaged Textiles will also utilise local supply partners, with existing and established fleet to support and back up our own bespoke collection services.

Continuous Improvement & Quality Assurance
Quality checks will be regularly carried out by Packaged Textiles own Quality Control, Training and Liaison Manager deployed to all service regions. Our specialist will help share best practice, improve service delivery, and ensure quality of product is collected, maximising returns for our partnering clients.

Integrated Solutions

  • Localised UK Collections
  • Local Authority Partnerships
  • UK Charity Initiatives
  • Bespoke Integrated Approach
  • Defining Quality Standards
  • Strategic Closed Loop Support
  • Ethical Trading
  • Long Term “Packaged” Solutions
  • Access to Packaged Group Consultancy and Support Services

Waste Reduction and Ethical Trading
Packaged Group Ltd is a specialist in waste minimisation, energy optimisation and resource utilisation. It is committed to reducing all waste and unnecessary carbon. Working with local industry, council authorities and major UK industrial organisations to achieve exemplary achievement in environmental protection. Packaged Textiles further enhances the Group’s sustainable credentials.

Packaged Group Ltd has a strict ethical trading policy and is a founding member of the Slave Free Alliance. As a member of a UK forum (IPHR) supported by the GLAA (Home Office), our organisation helps to eliminate slave labour, de-risk supply chains and share best practice within the waste and recycling industry.

Packaged Textiles work with traders and wholesalers in the UK, America, Asia and Europe where there is a continuous demand for quality, used items and where second-hand trading is freely available to all. We do not process waste or ship waste overseas, the tiny proportion of wet or damaged materials deposited at our clothing banks are removed and recycled correctly.

Textiles Process Infographic